22 Signs you are a Convent School Passout | Mannat Sibal | Life | BUTIKKA |

  1. Irrespective of religion or faith and ignoring the type of holy place that you’re actually crossing, whether a Mosque, Temple, Gurudwara, etc; you WILL involuntarily pray by making a cross. Touching your temple then both of your shoulders and it’ll end with the big kiss!Untitled

One other thing that a Convent school does is, bring out the Grammar Nazi in you. It physically pains you to read bad English. Sarcasm is the only tone you seem to use hearing incorrect pronunciations


  1. If there is one thing that you ever do learn AND manage to remember for the rest of your lives from a convent school are the Hymns and Christmas carols. ‘My Father in Heaven..’ is probably (till now) the only prayer that comes to your mind when somebody asks you to recite one.

  1. There was always a morning prayer, then mid-day prayer and a closing prayer. AMEN.

  1. Zero Periods were THE only thing to look forward to before the annual day. And the teacher who dare took them for completing the syllabus made it to the Hate-list instantly.

  1. “Good mornings” were never so stereotypical, crisp and boring; they were full of laughs and elongated; “Goooooooooooooooooood mooooorrninngggggg Maaaaaaaaaam” was the way!

  1. In an All girls Convent you always lived in mystery trying to imagine the alternative lives of the nuns and sisters.6

  1. Atleast once in your life, when things had gone so overboard that you had your best friend tell you, “Im done. Im just going to give up life and become a nun o:)” And you ended up making a pact.

  1. Suddenly you felt an overwhelming love towards Christianity because of Good Fridays, Easter Monday, etc being the sole reason for a good sleep through the morning on a weekday. –aaaah bliss-


  1. Apparently after 8th grade, anything related to the opposite gender was directly related to heightened libido. And any contact, whichever mode, was “pure” or appropriate. Freudian much?

  1. Convent School girls are actually the strongest girls emotionally because they all grew up together, all through high school, with atleast one (or more) girl PMS’ing. So they dealt with drama and tantrums every day of every week.

  1. You always had that one friend or senior that you kept pampered so as to avoid being caught when the uniforms were being checked. Unpolished shoes or torn Shirts probably meant 2 days of tiffin sacrificed.8

  1. The Annual Inter-School Christmas Carol competition was when sh*t went down for real. It was like living out scenes from a Hollywood movie with ego and a narcissist attitude towards our schools pride (Probably the only time when you gloated in your schools name publically).9

  1. Talking about Inter-school events, the skirts would go up, the hair would flop down, the ties would be made lose and the shirt half-tucked out. And the teacher surveillance level would be hawk-eye.

  1. Speaking in Hindi or Punjabi was like a personified version of ‘untouchables’, anybody caught conversing in it was deemed for either an hour lecture or worse warning card.

  1. Most of you have, admittedly, tried to mock their Sister or Brother by talking in Hindi in their accent.

  1. You’ve been dressed up like an angel, a sheep, and a shepherd at least once (but probably three) times as a child. You, most likely, fought for the spot to be one of the Three Kings or battled your way to bag the Angel on top of the hill! Don’t lie. Your mother has photos.11

  1. Even though you were taught that God loves all equally; some conflicting views did arise.12

  1. This is probably how your First dance with your guy or girl went…34_1

  1. During the Indian Pledge, you always omitted the line “All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” questioned the logic behind it.55_1

  1. Whenever you were standing with one arm distance, waiting from some Father of some Church to come bless the class and sprinkle over Holy water, you ended up poking your friend infront.

  1. Lastly, modes of punishments for talking in the class varied from being made to stand at the back of the class to being chucked out of the class, to chalks being thrown at you and some major insults coming your way.


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