Perks Of Having A Libran Best Friend! 10 Reasons why Librans are the Most Entertaining! | Brea Sandhu | Friendship | BUTIKKA |

Librans are the most talkative yet the most sensitive people.  The reason why they make awesome friends is because they are the most entertaining ones.

1)  Librans are the most expressive people: No Scope of getting bored.
They always have something going on in their head and they ll make sure you laugh on their jokes, no matter how stupid they are.

2)  They have an amazing sense of Humor.

No matter how sad your life is, they ll do anything to get the smile back on your face.

3) If they let you in, a Libran will never let you go.

No matter what you do in life, if you’re friends with a Libran you’ll always have a shoulder to cry on.

4) Get ready to discover a new side to yourself!
Librans are really creative and they have the potential to bring out the best in you.

 5)  Give you a Direction in life.

25.jpgThey’ll probably show you the best and correct direction in life. There’s  absolutely no scope to go on a wrong path with Librans in your life.

6) Librans believe in living in the Moment!
A thousand plans and exotic trips will be made by them with maximum selfies having them clicked.

7) They have a great sense of Style!

Get ready to be asked about your new style statement as they’ll surely change your wardrobe.

8) They will make their Friends attend endless number of parties.


The social animal streak of the Librans will not let you have month go by without at least 8-10 social gatherings.

9) They are amazing Event Organisers!

They will make sure you have memorable events in your life by giving you cute surprises.

10)  They are the Complete Package.

Librans are the most entertaining people alive and they love to laugh and make everyone do the same. Get ready for an everyday laughter dose.



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