What Does your Style Say About You?

Style and fashion is unique to each and everyone of us. You might not be completely aware of it, but we all have our own individual style, some subtle and some more noticeable than others, but either way, the choices you make, the things you put together and the way you style items all works towards creating your own personal look, but what does your style say about you?

 Classic and neutral

 You love the simple things when it comes to style. You favour neutral colours, opting for charcoals, stark whites, camel and black. You prefer a classic cut, nothing too frilly or with a lot of volume, and no fuss when it comes to accessories.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.23.45 pm Polo_Ralph_Lauren_Women_Shirts_Super_Slim_BlackThose who love a classic style come across as intelligent, intellectual and sometimes a little reserved. A classic style can subtlety suggest power and control, you’re a strong person who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it.

 Bold and bright

You favour patterns, bright colours, bold and chunky accessories and clothing with lots of movement and texture. You’re far happier in a bright skater skirt with bangles spread up your arms than tailored clothing in plain and simple patterns.

new art                                   art 12

Your style reflects the fact that you ooze confidence, your bright, bubbly and energetic and you’re not afraid to have your voice heard. You stand out from the crowd.


You don’t follow the rule book when it comes to fashion, picking up many of your favourite items from flea markets, vintage stores and online auctions. Your style is a bit of a mish-mash of all the places you’ve been, the items that have caught your eye and inspired you and the experiences you’ve had in life.

ale-by-alessandra-spring-2015-lookbook-01 art 123Your clothing conveys a message that you’re a free spirit. You love to travel, you’re not much of a worrier nor do you plan ahead too much. You’re witty but can sometimes be a little reserved, only speaking up when you feel truly passionate about what it is you have to say.


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